New Bug Encountered: Deck View Primary header not shown

In the emulator and on PC the Primary header of the Deck view is shown:
But on Android there are just dots:

View: KD

Try to “Save and Verify” your app… not just Save.

Thank you. I tried it but the result is the same.

And the app version is the same?

Yes. I have just one Version of the App. And I synced the App.

Please send your account ID, app name and the path where I can find this view.

Thank you for your help. Please see at the end of my first post.

Sorry… saw that now :slight_smile:


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Same thing in Table inline View.

In Detail View it’s nice. But in Form View it cuts off the text.


@Harry Any idea?

I have raported this issue but we haven’t find time to check this issue yet… sorry about the delay.

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Any update about this problem? I have the same issue.