New Bug Encountered: Deck View's Nested Table Column Not Displaying in Dashboards

I’m not sure if this is a bug or just a limitation of Deck Views. The Nested Table Column for the Deck displays as expected in a standard view,

…but is missing from that same view when it’s part of a Dashboard.

Could it be because of the Dashboard layout you specified and the screen real estate available, that the nested table is being hidden to allow room for the other components that make up the Dashboard?

Try specifying the two lower Dashboard components as smaller, or remove them all together to see if your top Dashboard panel expands to show the nested table.

You may need to play around with organization and ordering of your Dashboard views in order to get the desired info to show. Also, you may need to compromise on what you can show in Dashboard depending on the form factor (device size) you expect it to be shown on.

Nope. I tried having the top view as the only view in the Dashboard and that didn’t work either. And I’ve tried multiple size and position combinations. This seems to be a limitation or bug.

Confirmed same bug/limitation from MacOS/Chrome, iOS, and Win10/Edge.


Yes I am seeing the same thing. I temporarily added a nested table and threw that view into the Dashboard. The Dashboard shows the view without the nesting.

Hi there,

any news form this?
I could really use the nested table of a deck view that is part a dashboard too. Thanks!