New Bug Encountered: Deck with Nested table column view not consistent

Good afternoon,
It won’t be a big bug, but when we put the nested table in a deck view, it looks like this:

With misaligned values relative to headers.
If we click and open the relative view, it looks fine:


@morgan Any idea about this?

@morgan @Sergio_Sa

Please not this other post regarding the same issue.

See also below. Furthermore, it seems that the “Nested Table Column” feature is unusable for many of us because clicking on a row in the nested table will bring up the PARENT detail first, rather than the CHILD detail.


I love how the Appsheet team pays attention to the community’s bug reports. This post highlights a bug in an awesome key feature: Nested Tables in a Deck View. But this bug makes this awesome feature virtually unusable.

Nested Tables in a Deck View will become usable by fixing both this clicking misdirection bug and the formatting bug pointed out by @Sergio_Sa and @Chris_Jeal.