New Bug Encountered: Delayed sync error with mysql database

My app has delayed sync turned on.

The scenario is:

  1. User copies a record and the API copies the associated child records.
  2. User adds a record to a child table.
  3. User then runs a combined action to update all rows in the parent and child records with new data.
  4. User syncs.

We get an error now showing a mysql error “A column in your mysql table cannot be null. Please make sure that you provide a value for this column”

I think the delayed sync may be updating the records out of sequence as this was working previously. Now I can only get this to work if I manually sync after step 2 and then run the combined action.

The issue is pretty clear:


A database table row being added or updated by your process has a filed that may not be NULL, but your process is attempting to set the corresponding column value to a blank value, or is leaving it blank (perhaps upon creation).

Delayed sync is not likely the issue.

Please review your app’s table configurations. For any database table column configured with NOT NULL, the corresponding app table column must have Required? set to ON; you must not use an expression for Required? on the column.

Thanks for the reply.

The only fields i have as Not Null are the Primary Key for the table. I have a separate column for the appsheet key. The primary key column has Auto increment on so I thought this would have been ok.