New Bug Encountered: Detail bar doesn't always appear when you hyperlink to an external URL

On the iPhone, when you add a hyperlink action to a view, on tapping the hyperlink, about 50% of the time, the webpage opens correctly, displaying the top bar which allows you to go back to the original Appview page. The rest of the time the top bar doesn’t display, making it impossible to go back. This happens randomly, but frequently on any app developed, including your own “Hyperlinks” sample app. The screenshot below shows the correct and incorrect behaviour below.

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@morgan Any thoughts?

I see this all the time but haven’t been able to determine what triggers it. I just swipe up to close the app and reopen. I’m on an iPhone XR with latest version of iOS and AppSheet.

Looks like it doesn’t happen if you open the app in landscape view and then rotate to portrait. Also, you can workaround the problem by rotating your device a couple of times, then it reappears. Aesthetically and functionally not something you want users to see.