New Bug Encountered: Editor emulator not respecting Slice ShowIF -- but App and alternate preview works

I have run into a strange problem and wondering if others are seeing this. I have an app with a view
connected to a slice. That slice uses the following condition:


When I select the view in the emulator, I see the records do not match what the slice returns. I checked the slice using “View Data” and all looks correct. Just when I used the actual view in the emulator is the data listed wrong. When check the detailed record behind, I notice the emulator is showing only the 4 records where KAM_ID is not assigned (cell is blank – which is a foreign key).
What does not make sense is, why does the slice return the correct records (and ignores the 4 with blank foreign keys), but the emulator shows only the records with missing foreign keys?

Interestingly, if I use the app on my iphone, the correct records show (just like in the slice). And also, if I use the “Preview other form factors” link from the emulator, the app displays the correct records no matter what form factor.

So, the app works but the emulator shows different records than what the slice actually returns. Very strange. Means I cannot use the emulator to test the app properly. Any thoughts?

ps: clearing browser cache did not help fix emulator result.

@Mike The reason is probably the new option “Preview as user”. If it’s blank (with a grey color), the USEREMAIL() won’t work. Add your account’s email address there, re-sync and it should work as normally.

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It would be good to get notified somehow. I was just about to write a bug report as well

Edit: @Aleksi I think I am blind. I looked in the options menu (and other places) and cant find the “Preview as user" option

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@Aleksi - yes. Where is “the new option “Preview as user”? I can’t seem to find it…

The option is in the left lower corner in the emulator view under the View and Data if it’s rolled out to your account.

We are experiencing this bug and the “Preview as user” option has not been rolled out to our account. Let me know if I can get that feature added to out account. Thanks!

This is a known issue and we are working with it. Thanks for this info.

It does not look like the option is rolled out to my account yet.

But… it does look like the emulator is using some other setting for USEREMAIL() than my logged in email. Seems to me that the default should have been logged in user, and if we want to override that, can use the setting you described. Can you advise when the issue is resolved so I can check back? Thanks for all the help. I was chasing this down for quite a while as I thought my slice had some kind of new issue! :slight_smile:

Hi All,
Issue is fixed now. You may need to refresh you browser for the fix to take effect.

@Gil - Working again. At least for me. Thanks for giving us USEREMAIL() back :slight_smile:

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