New Bug Encountered: Email Workflow Not Sending Emails

I have an app, with a workflow set to send myself (the app owner, so same email) on Add. I save the form, data reaches excel (stored on OneDrive) - but no email is received.

I checked the log, says successful.

Please help.

Have you checked all your spam folders and such?

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Yep, spam, server quarantine… checked everything, twice.


the same here…not receiving the pdf report in email

@YGY, @jader_james, please contact about this.

Thanks, I did and got great support from @Aleksi.

App generated emails are being classified as fraudulent because of the UNIQUEID() I have in the email subject. I need that there to trigger Power Automate to create a bunch of word files, day 4 and email security company still can’t get emails to go through their security… Hope to hear better news tomorrow :crossed_fingers:

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