New Bug Encountered: EnumList Item separator

I have an EnumList and in a Detail View I don’t want it to look like
Selection1 , Selection2 , Selection3
but with newlines like

For that I use this Expression in a VC. This works fine and I can use the VC in the Detail View.

SUBSTITUTE([EnumList], " , ", "

But: I have to use a different Item Separator. Instead of " , " I want to use something more less used, like " § ". So I change the Item Separator to " § " and my expression to

SUBSTITUTE([EnumList], " § ", "

But the result in the VC will be
Selection1 , Selection2 , Selection3

It seems that the item separator will be ignored.
In my sheet the EnumList will be stored with " § " as the separator.

Is there a special reason for trying to use a special character for the list?

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" , " (space, comma, space) is not commonly used.

@Steve You are right. But it may happen.
The EnumList has a Table as a source. A user could create an entry in that table like:
“That’s an example , just to test it”
This entry would be splited in two.
This is what I want to avoid. That’s why I want to use a special character that a user will not use.

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You could use Value_If to prohibit entries that contain " , "…

You’re right. That would also be a workaround.