New Bug Encountered: EnumList set as "Ref" Base Type does not show "Base Type Details" until Save

I noticed this last week (or two weeks ago) and encountered it again today.

For EnumList, we have the ability to set it with a Base Type of “Ref” in order to pull list items from another table. However, the box named Base Type Details which allows the setting of the Reference table does not show UNTIL the editor Save action has been performed.

Done has been clicked and column re-entered for Editing - still cannot set table

Only after clicking Save in the editor does the Base Type Details box appear



Do you mean its legitimately a bug?

Also, did you need to edit to add the “bug” tag? I know it was there when I saved. I actually added it and saw it was duplicated so removed one. I guess I need to watch this more closely.

And maybe I should add a bug for adding bugs? :woozy_face:

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I’d say it’s a bug, for sure.

It wasn’t there when I got to the post. I routinely notice “New Bug Encountered” posts don’t have the tag, so I try to add it.


For the record, it seems there is an issue with the “bug” tag “sticking” on the posts.

I explicitly noticed that there was a bug tag when I saved. I did get a message that a tag was required so I added another one and both tags were showing. But it appears the bug tag didn’t save with the post.

@Peter ^^