New Bug Encountered:Erroneous error

This app has been in service with no significant changes to the definition for several months.

Relevant information:
Three tables

  • People
  • Structures
  • Inspections

People table is a record of employees. It is referenced to record the employee name when a row is added to the Inspections table. It is NOT referenced when a user makes a change to the Structure table.

Structures table is a record of all structures within our system. The user is to first, verify the information shown about the structure is correct prior to inspecting the condition of the structure. If any of the information shown about a structure is incorrect, the user should update the incorrect information before proceeding to the inspection.

Inspections table is a record of inspections of structures. The inspection is performed after verification of the structure information.

Within the Structure table is an Enum column type. Keep in mind, this app has been in use several months. When a user attempted to manually sync (after the app failed repeatedly to sync in the background) the user is presented with an error stating that a specific column in the Structure table, cannot be converted to type ‘Enum’.

We have recently had a change in staff. A new employee replaced a previous employee. This new employee will use the same email account/username as the previous employee. This required changing the employee name within the People table.

It turns out, the issue (cannot convert to Enum) is related to changing the employee name (not username/email) in the People table. I would not think this should have mattered because, when changing data within the Structure table, the People table is not referenced. Even if it were, the data type would be the same, Name. Of note, the employee name was changed in the back end and not through the app.

Does anyone have any insight as to why this would occur?

@LeventK, @Steve

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In generally… if you see that error message, it means that the value you are trying to save, it doesn’t belong to your Enum list or formula. Do you have the option “Allow other values” as Off? If yes, try to change it to ON and see what happens.


The thing is, the value has been used many many times over the last several months without issue. The only change has been to the employee name which is in an unrelated table reporting the error. I can log in (with an account where the employee name has not been changed) and make the same selection to the same Enum column and the data syncs as expected.

The error being reported is incorrect.

Appsheet seems to have issue with the employee name on the user’s device (in the People table) not matching the employee name (in the People table) on the AppSheet server. Even though, the change the employee is making is not to the People table nor does the table being changed reference the People table.

I recommend engaging directly for this. On the surface, I have no insight into this issue.

@Michael, any luck figuring this out? I think this is affecting one of my apps as well.

Luck? No. I was never able to determine what the cause of the issue. I thought it had to do with the name change in the People table but, it did not.
I had to reset changes on the one device. After resetting it, it was able to sync without issue. I never made any other changes to the app definition besides changing the employee’s name.
Once I reset the device, I changed the name again several times to try to recreate the issue. Each time, the device picked up the name change and synced without issue.
Resetting the changes caused me 9 hours of manually sorting data that had been created in the field. Very disappointed…

What did AppSheet support say?

Well, I didn’t have time to contact support. I had crews in the field working so, I had to reset the device and get them back to work.

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@Michael @GreenFlux Maybe this was the same Problem?

I suppose this is possible although, the issue has not come up since my initial post. I have since ensured that all name fields are free of trailing spaces.