New Bug Encountered: Error Starting the app

I am getting this across every app i have (around 20)


My apps simply wont load:

Just sits on this in the editor and on mobile devices.

I’m not currently seeing any errors in my editor. I’m pretty sure @Tiger is using Google, are you as well @SKETCHwade? I’m on OneDrive and not seeing any problems. So it could possibly be temporary (try closing the browser completely and re-opening or maybe even restarting devices) or it could be a problem on Google’s (or any outside source’s) side.

Hmm, Makes sense that it would be a Google Drive issue.
The sheet the app uses seems to work fine and I can access all of my drive though.

SO now mine are ALL working again. I use Google sheets, Onedrive and i connect directly to a SQL database.

But - all is back. :pray:

Good! So just a temp issue.

Yeah mines up again too

Well. They are all back down


Mines still syncing

We’re seeing reports of some people consistently hitting this, others only intermittently or seeming to be resolved. We were briefly able to observe it on our own devices but now struggling to reproduce it in an environment we can debug. Still looking for the source of the problem.


Thank for helping…

Requesting that anyone still affected please email with your AppSheet account number and details about your device (Android vs iOS, OS version).

Not sure if this helps. But out of all my apps ( 17 deployed), the ones that seem to be frozen (not loading) are the ones I dont get many users. They connect to onedrive and google, but the ones that I have more users
on seem to all be down…

I got this when trying login through mobile chrome browser

​We believe we found the source of the problem and have started releasing a fix. It may take ~15 minutes to go through the build and deployment process. Sorry for the disruption and please let us know if this fails to resolve the issue.

@Bimo_Murti_Respati For the Google sign in issue please see this article for instructions.


Perfect. Thank you very much.

My apps are still down

They are back!

Thanks adam.

Deploying the fix took a little longer than I thought, it went out around 7pm Pacific. We believe this is resolved now.

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this is not resolved because today we are not able to run any of our apps on mobile device.