New Bug Encountered: Error: user 'xxxxxxx' does not have a valid 'google' account/n

Ummmm…yes I do. In fact just logged back into your website via Google OAUTH without an issue. Android app is what’s giving me the problem. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling the app, which presented me with multiple ‘login using’ options – Google, Dropbox, Microsoft et al – selected Google, granted AppSheet the default perms you asked for and still…

Error: user ‘xxxxxxxx’ does not have a valid ‘google’ account/n

A pity because your app seemed promising. As a hardcore db jock I frequently get asked if it’s ok to “use Google Sheets as a database” to which I normally reply “only if you can find an add-on or two that will help you with data entry, dupe cleaning etc.”

I WAS going to recommend you guys but hadn’t logged in to your app in quite a while, so wanted to get reacquainted with it to see if my recommendation would change any.

Any oh yeah, now it’s changed. I see that once we’ve been away for you app long enough for its token to expire ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE and it’s pretty much impossible to continue using any forms you may have tweaked/created previously.

Very disappointing.


P.S. Googling this error I see that it is quite common, so it’s definitely not us, it’s YOU.

Pls email replies to the email address you have on file for me, but as Google’s spam filters have decayed into shit over the past decade it will almost certainly be spam-foldered (and NO I refuse to play whack-a-mole by constantly adding new whitelisted domains to the literally hundreds I’ve had to add over the years; I am DONE with whitelisting! Gmail’s original spam filter (Brightmail) was the greatest thing I’d ever seen. Almost nonexistent false positives. Today? At least 20% of my Gmail spam folder are false positives, and I refuse to make this MY job, especially since Google USED TO have this problem solved).

@Chris_Hall Sorry to hear that you have troubles with the login. Please try to sign out from My Account > Signout and then Signin with your Google account that is tied to your Appsheet app.

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@Chris_Hall I’m sorry this has been such a hassle. Have you had a chance to try the steps @Aleksi recommended? Please let us know if that helped resolve.

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