New Bug Encountered: Error while Sync

Dear All,

This app was working properly and it suddenly stop working…! Could you please help us?AppSheet%20Error|512x240


“TableName”: “Inventário”,
“apiLevel”: “2”,
“appStartTime”: “2019-12-03T12:59:01.018Z”,
“appTemplateVersion”: “1.000100”,
“build”: “4ea65cd7c6288c517a5c-1573255643294-8a89e652ec”,
“checkCache”: “true”,
“clientId”: “1a2cfebd-6a17-48f2-99fd-d239fcc20fcc”,
“dataStamp”: “2019-12-03T12:59:07.87Z”,
“isPreview”: “false”,
“lastSyncTime”: “2019-12-03T11:35:35.7837677Z”,
“localVersion”: “1.000100”,
“locale”: “pt-BR”,
“location”: “-23.482990, -52.002775”,
“requestId”: “56277211”,
“requestStartTime”: “2019-12-03T12:59:10.76Z”,
“settings”: “{”_RowNumber":“0”,"_EMAIL":"","_NAME":"","_LOCATION":"",“Options Heading”:"",“Option 1”:"",“Option 2”:"",“Country Option”:"",“Language Option”:"",“Option 5”:"",“Option 6”:"",“Option 7”:"",“Option 8”:"",“Option 9”:"","_THISUSER":“onlyvalue”}",
“timestamp”: “2019-12-03T12:56:29.297Z”,
“tzOffset”: “180”,
“RowSize”: 362,
“AppTemplateName”: “50e7e90d-8f39-4ba1-ba49-eff480ef3472”,
“Operation”: “Add row”,
“RecordType”: “Stop”,
“ResultException”: “System.InvalidCastException: Unable to cast object of type ‘Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject’ to type ‘Jeenee.WebService.TableOperationResponse’.\r\n at Nirvana.source.api.AppAPIController.AddTableRowInternal(Context context, Op op, String appTemplateVersion) in d:\a\1\s\Nirvana\Controllers\API\AppAPIController.cs:line 1577”,
“ReturnedFromCache”: false,
“Performance”: “{“Version”:1,“Time”:“00:00:00.0095586”,“PerformanceTimingRoot”:{“Mid”:1,“Params”:{“ParamList”:[{“Pid”:13,“Value”:“Inventário”}]},“Timer”:{“Time”:“00:00:00.0095586”}},“IsEmpty”:false}”,
“Result”: “Failure”

I’m getting this too. Initially it seemed to be resolved for my users when I installed the AppSheet update 12.7.2, but it has started happening again.

@praveen @Aleksi @MasterCode_Consult I’ve submitted a brief support email to AppSheet asking for assistance with this issue. My users are still having problems. Need advice asap

I also have this issue across 3 apps and 80 users since i reported this at 10:30 this morning.

Guys, please can we have an update??


@praveen, @Aleksi,

Now its seems to be syncing again… I don’t know what you guys did, but it fixed this problem. Thank you so much for your prompt support…


Some of my users are still having problems; for others it’s working fine. Any updates?

Same here, mine still not working.

We are working on a solution.

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We have a fix for this issue and it’s currently being deployed.

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Quick check … we believed the change that caused this problem was only rolled out to a subset of free accounts. If you observed this problem today, could you please let us know if you were using a paid account rather than a free account? Thanks

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Hi Praveen, ours is a paid account.


Hi Andy,

Quick question, are you on pro/premium plan or do you have the business subscription?


I’m on a paid account (business subscription)

Hi Billy

We are on a business subscription.