New Bug Encountered: Expressions in a form seem to fail

Hi everybody,
I have an issue that might be related to the recently reported temporary problems around Google Drive, too.
I encountered the following:
I have a numeric input field called “Spiel RE” that I set to 122.
But expressions (simple equality checks) that I have based on that field used in subsequent columns return wrong results.
As I had implemented this already a while ago, I think that this problem only materialised recently.

Any idea or suggestion ? Thx.

The = and <> operators are quirky in AppSheet: if the left operand is blank, the expression is TRUE regardless what the right operand is. For instance, this:

[Spiel RE] = 120

is TRUE is the Spiel RE column has no value.

Could this be a problem for you?


As shown in one of the screenshots, I had explicitely set the value of [Spiel RE] to be 122, so I guess that cannot be it …
Below that [Spiel RE] field there is also a page break so that you have to press next before the check is done, to prevent that kind of problems (at least in my layman’s thinking).

But thanks for the tipp … I am going to also include an ISNOTBLANK in my validity check of that field. I’ll let you know.

As a matter of fact, that check is already done, because it’s a mandatory field marked by the asterisk. Without a valid entry I cannot proceed to the next page.

What is also worth noting is that the field “Neue Bockrunde(n)” holds the correct number, so for that expression the the check “value equals to 120 ?” yielded the correct result (FALSE).

The quirk applies to ALL uses of = and <>, not just the example I provided.

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I got that, all right :slightly_smiling_face: .
But as said, [Spiel RE] is a mandatory field that does not let me proceed when it’s empty, does it ? So that I can safely exclude that potential error source ?
Thanks for the clarification.

I have come to believe that the problem lies with the “Show if” function.
Testing the “Show if” expression yields the correct result (FALSE), but the page does still show (which it should not do).
Enforcing it by just typing FALSE makes the page finally disappear.

To me this looks like a bug, I’m afraid …

Meanwhile I have checked an alternative idea:
I translated each and every numerical Show-if condition into a (sub)string containing a unique keyword and then tested the concatenated string against those keywords with the IN () function. At a first glance this seems to work now. To be continued tomorrow …