New Bug Encountered: Fast syncs brought new delay in ref link to count(select result

First of all, I haven’t seen an announcement or comment about this but AppSheet sync times seem to have improved substantially. :heart: Am I the only one who has noticed this?

The speedy syncs are very, very welcome but I wonder if a change in app performance I’ve noticed may not be related to the AppSheet platform change that is giving us the quicker sync times.


On my app, I use a ref column to fetch the current count of records in a slice. The ref is to a tiny sheet (only a couple columns and rows) and the current count of records remaining in the slice is calculated in a virtual column with a count(select expression. (Way back when, @Aleksi walked me through how to add this very useful feature. Thanks again!) For about two years now, the number of remaining records (or “cards” in my app) has always changed instantaneously as a result of invocation of an action that removes a record from the slice. Today, however, I noticed that this old stalwart of my app is no longer functioning properly. Now, the correct number does not appear until the sync is complete. I’ve checked old versions of my app and they no longer work properly either, so this is not the result of something that I’ve done recently.

The new sync times are welcome but I really hope that this ability to access an instantaneous count of a slice has not been lost forever. :frowning:

Yours truly,

Worried in Kumamoto

@Adam Any thoughts?

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Hi “Worried in Kumatomo”

I’m glad you noticed the faster syncs. I’m guessing you may have had filter conditions with IN() functions? We did some work to speed those up.

The behavior with ref links is probably not related. Do you mind sending repro steps to


“Sleepless in Seattle”

First of all, I have to tell you that I laughed out loud when I read “Sleepless in Seattle” – not just because it’s a movie title. I can imagine how busy you must be so I really appreciate this attention. :slight_smile:

I’ve prepared some screenshots that I’ll send in an e-mail to Thanks again!

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Yes indeed!

This issue was resolved by Adam. Thanks!

Please do share how the issue was resolved if possible as it might help others like me as well.

Hi @Bricks_n_Mortar_Cons!

As I recall, it was a bug on the AppSheet side that Adam fixed. So I imagine that explaining how it was resolved would be quite technical.

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