New Bug Encountered: Fields set as "Image" are not saving the uploaded images

Dear All,

I would like to check if there is any problem with Appsheet servers, because we are facing some problems to save images on different apps, but it doesn’t happens in all records. We create a record, take a pic and then save it, it doesn’t show at Google Drive, and also it doesn’t shows the name of the pictures in the Google sheet. Some times it save the image on the roll camera of mobile, but in appsheet app doesn’t show the picture as well

Thanks a lot

Rudyard Charles

Please contact directly for help with this.

I have already tried, but unfortunately i got no answer

I wasn’t able to find a recent ticket under this name, but we’ve heard similar reports and have a theory about a scenario with multiple retries that we think could cause this. A native app update is coming soon which should address that scenario, and we’re in the process of rolling out an infrastructure change that should help as well.

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