New Bug Encountered: File column does not point to the correct file path


I ran into two problems with the “File” column. I am using a Google Sheet datasource with 128 files.

There are columns for Group, File number, Revision, File Name, and relative file path on Google Drive. Note - The file names and paths below have been changed from the actual app.

Issue 1:
The file S318 can be opened by clicking the “Open File (File)” action icon in the first column of the app. The file opens in AppSheet on Android but in Chrome I receive the AppSheet 404 error. The file path looks like this:
./01 Top Level [READ-ONLY]/0300 -- Subfolder/S318 (R0) The Filename.pdf

Issue 2:
When I try to open “AA-1 Test Procedure”, AppSheet actually opens “AA-1 Test Certificate”. The file path for “AA-1 Test Procedure” looks like this in Google Sheets:
./01 Top Level [READ-ONLY]/1000 -- Subfolder/1030 Documents/AA-1 (R0) Test Procedure.pdf

But in Android and Chrome, AppSheet returns a completely different file path and opens “AA-1 Test Certificate”. The imposter file path does exist in another spreadsheet row. As shown in Chrome:

As it exists in it’s correct row: ./01 Top Level [READ-ONLY]/0600 -- Subfolder/AA-1 (R0) Test Certificate.pdf

Did I do something wrong? How can I fix the issues?

I couldn’t find any reason for issue #1 - Files load on Android but not Chrome. To fix the problem I made a copy of the app and deleted the original. It is bandage more than a solution.

I was able to fix issue #2 - File Open loads the wrong document. To fix the problem I renamed some documents to ensure the row key was unique.