New Bug Encountered: Filtering Slices using Row Numbers

For the last couple of years I gave filtered which rows are to be viewed based on the row number.
For example, if my header took up three rows and my formula was in the forth row (Array Formula),
The readable, usable data would start in the fifth row. All of a sudden TODAY … the rows that are viewable have changed. My previous filter would state that the data I wanted displayed was from row 5 to row 10. Now, Appsheet takes into account that the header uses the first 3 rows, I had to change the filter from greater than row 5 and less than row 11 to… greater than row 2 and less than row 8. Has anyone else experienced this most recent change? It sucks because I have alot of conditional filters that I need to change now so that the app reads correctly. :pensive:

I’ll ask internally.

Did you find out in the last couple of days what has changed?

I’m afraid I received no response. You might try contacting Support.

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