New Bug Encountered: format rule is not working in the main view, stays the same color after making change

hi we have this problem that we do not know how to fix, after making change in our data format rule changes the color in the form view but not in the main view always stays the same even after sinking the app multiple times.!
it seams like it doesn’t respond

we have video here that show that problem please notice the color change for the same column in the form view, and in the main view


I have read your post and watched the video a few times. It is not clear at all what your expectations are. What data did you apply the format rule to? Was it to the text, highlight or both? What color did you expect to see?

It would also be helpful to show the details of the format rule you created.


hi thanks for replaying.

Sorry if the video is not enough… maybe it would be easier to explane like this.

When the action is triggered it removes icon in the form view but it stays the same in main view like nothing has been changed at all, but when you open that column you can see that the icon has been removed.

Then you have to close the app, restart it again to get the valid view without that icon.

Main problem is when you make changes that triggers the format rule it doesn’t respond in the main view even after syncing the app multiple times it stays the same.

So if we have some problem that icon and the color represents and it is resolved, we can not see that in the main view it stays like nothing has been done until you open that row.

I just didn’t know what I was looking for in the video. But, I see now. There is a red icon next to the ID field in the main table view. In the detail view it has been removed as expected but remains in the main table view even after a Sync.

Is this a deployed app? I ask only because I have seen delays in format updates being applied by up to a couple minutes which I have attributed to the test environment. How long have you waited to see if eventually the update gets applied?

EDIT: Oh, and what is the criteria you are using in the format rule to apply/remove? Is there anything based on CONTEXT() or view?

I do have similar formatting in an app I am working on. I’ll see if I can reproduce the same issue.

Is this related in any way to a virutal column?

hi thanks again…

there is an action button that changes the status of the problem in detail view when clicked change happens.

it stays like that until you restart the app .

its not related to virtual column

app is still in the test mode… we can not deploy until we figure out is this a problem or not.

Hold on, I had assumed that maybe you mis-spoke calling it an action when in fact it was a UX Format Rule.

In your video on the main screen, Is the icon actually an Inline Action? Or is it a Format Rule being applied to the ID column?

If an Inline Action, then what column is the action attached to? And is that column being shown in the Detail View?

HI sorry for the late replay… here is another video of the same thing and it happens often not just on my phone or Pc, but also on others.
It is basic action button, that triggers format rule to change color and icon, but it stays the same in the main view.


If some one has any idea what can be done it will be nice to know we are having serious problem with this bug issue.