New Bug Encountered : Horizontal Scrolling in iOS


I have been having issues while Horizontal scrolling on my iOS devices. (iPhone, iPad mini)
Sometimes the horizontal scrolling in table view works smoothly but sometimes it stops responding for a couple of seconds. Have to then scroll a couple of times to make it work.
It seems super glitchy sometimes.
It works fine in the Appsheet editor and desktop view.

Is this happening to anyone else?
How can we fix this?

@Aleksi @Steve

Please contact for help with this.

Yes, we noticed it
It only happens on iphone, not on Android.
We need a bit of trick to start the horizontal momemtum scrolling on Iphone. Once the view compatiple with horizontal scrolling, like table view, we need to scroll up / down first. Then start to swipe left or light to scroll horizontally.
Without srolling up and down , we are unable to scroll horizontally.
Just like a hidden command…

Snag_a9800c4 ???

yes this is a glitch.

I also noticed we are able to scroll any direction … this happens on desktop and i phone, not happening to Android though.