New Bug Encountered: I cannot quickedit time collumn on celphone

I cannot quickedit time collumns on celphone (Android device - using app or browser). It shows the collumn, it seems editable, but when click to edit, nothing happens.

It shows a downward arrow similar to an Enum collumn, but it is a time collumn without any Valid_If condition). Cliking it, it becomes red (see below), but doesn’t show any option nor appears the keyboard to edit.

It works just fine using it on a computer.

I wonder if that Show? expression is affecting it?

Hi, @Steve!

I’ve tried removing the show_if expression, but didn’t work. Its weird because it happens only using celphone and on quickedit table view. It seems like its supposed to open a pop-up window (like it does when editing using a form view - image bellow), but it doesn’t.

Pop-up editing a time collumn on a form view:

Sounds like a bug to me. I encourage you to contact directly for help.