New Bug Encountered: Image error - The selected image could not be found


I’m having an app for users to submit their information, each record contains both text and image input.
My users often encounter this error as in screenshot after submitting. In data table, the result of this field is “The selected image could not be found”. Expected result should be image name with image folder, i.e “Driver_Images/a221ee7e.Outlet Image.090138.jpg”

Does anyone know how to fix it?


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When you said “In data table”, do you mean your database like google Sheet?

Hi Aleksi,

Yes it’s a database in Google Sheet. Please see the screenshot below, column “Outlet Image”.

Are they always taking a new picture?

Hi Aleksi,

The field is image type, user can either choose to take a photo or use photo from library.
My users actually often choose to take new photo.


When it seems that it works for one user but not the other one, I would start to test this with downloading another camera app and then test it again.

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I have the same problema.
Sometimes, I can see the photo and other times no.
I reinstaled the camera app and instaled other Camera APP, but the problem persist.
I would appreciate your suggetions


@Duyen_Ung & @Norma, please provide a sample of an image link that doesn’t work.

Hi @Steve I provided screenshot of a sample above, as the images couldn’t be uploaded so I don’t have the image link.

Is there anyway that I can get link to the record that images failed to upload? I think you can check the record for further investigation.

Or you can check directly in my app.
App id: GO-FOOD-916538
Browser link: HERE, scroll down for more image error instances (those with triangle alert)

Thank you.

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I’d like to see the content of this column for a row with a broken image.



I just posted a similar issue. Keep me informed please if you solve it.

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Hi @Steve
Pls see the screenshot below (broken image at row 1967, let me know if you need more data. Thank you.

It doesn’t appear you’ve completed the process:

@Duyen_Ung have you found the cause / solution to this error?