New Bug Encountered: Images not displaying correctly


I am having issues with my images not displaying correctly.

All the grey is supposed to be an image. Also the “Picture Of Evaporator 1” is supposed to be an image but doesn’t load at all. I take the picture over and over to try to get it to show but it won’t.


Hi @Josh_Klassen, what is your data source for this app?

The data source is Google sheets.

The interesting thing is for whatever reason whenever I take pictures it saves them in a folder in my phone and all those images are full and there (not sure if this is relevant).

On a second question: I would like it if it would stop saving them to my phone. Pictures from work are constantly in my “recent photos”.

When you look at the image folder for your app in Google Drive, are the photos being saved there correctly?

Regarding your phone images, if you’re on iOS you should be able to customize how/if they’re saved locally by going to the phone’s settings -> AppSheet

No, they are not being saved in my Google Drive correctly.

Regarding phone images, I am using Android.

I’m not sure about this one @Josh_Klassen, mind emailing so we can see if this is specific to your account?