New Bug Encountered: Images not syncing

We have an inspection app. Each row on inspection tabel have 4 photos collumns (2 of them required).

We fill the inspection form, take the photos (see below), but when it syncs, SOMETIMES the photos just doesnt sync. The image path doesnt sync into the collumn (see audit log below) and the image doesn’t upload to the cloud (Google Drive).

The photo goes to the device’s gallery.

What is bugging me is that it happens for some photos (like 40%), not all of them. Its happening with at least 2 different devices and I haven’t found any pattern on it.

Hi @hcquadros! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’ll have someone follow up when we have a bit more information for you.

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Hi @hcquadros,
Can you please let me know which users are facing this issue (Either here or email, as well as your app’s name?
Are they all using Android device?

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I have the same problem and I think it is because sync/offline behavior…I was using a full offline behavior without automatics syncs or wifi/lte use…had saved all my data and images and later…maybe 6 hours later, I was in my house or in my job with good internet connection and press sync…all data is ok but images are not sent to my s3 file storage and my SQL database have empty strings “” in url column…today I have changed the sync/behavior to don’t need to press sync and send a little portion of data automatically…the app is better than before!


Apps owner: 1016406

Apps: Lifting Gear Inspection and Controle documentos


Yes, all of them using Android devices.

Thanks for the details @hcquadros, @jader_james,
Seems like the issue might happen when trying to sync an image in an app that wasn’t synced recently.
This is most likely to affect apps without sync on start or offline apps.
We’re working on a fix and will let you know as soon as it’s ready.


Ok following

Hi @hcquadros @jader_james,
We’ve just release update 13.6 to the Android app with the fix for this issue. This update is in a rollout, so it might take a few days until it’s visible to everyone.
Please let me know if you’re still seeing any issues with the new version.

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the problem continues, maybe in a little scale, but some of the images is not syncing

Hi @jader_james, Could you please provide me with some more details?
In particular:

  • Which platform are you trying to upload the images from (Android, iOS or browser)?
  • Is the image column marked as required? Or is it possible the user just left it empty?
  • Could you point me to a specific log in the app’s audit log where the image value is empty although you know that an image was added to the form?