New Bug Encountered: Inconsistent Format Rules

I’ve came across this bug a few times in the past:

I have a Format Rule that changes a columns Text Color to yellow when on a view name Mine Sites.

CONTEXT("View")=Mine Sites

Almost each time I sync the app or click on the view it will randomly result in:

  • Highlight None

  • Highlight All

  • Highlight all but the top row

01%20PM 13%20PM 31%20PM

Things I’ve tested:

  • Mobile / Desktop / Editor Emulator

  • tried expressions with and without quotations around the view name

  • Tried the Expression for the Assets View

  • Clearing Browser Cache & Incognito

On all tests I’ve experienced the same inconsistencies

Check for other Format Rules that may be competing with this one.

It’s a new app with few other Format Rules that aren’t assigned to this table or tables that have refs between them.