New Bug Encountered: Incorrect DSUM formula when extending table with new row

My google spreadsheet contains a column with the formula: =DSUM($A$1:$F,$F$1,{“Product id”;C2}) but when a new row is added by appsheet, the formula is =DSUM($A$1:$F1010,$F$1,“Product id”{;C3}) This results in “Formula parse error.” because the criteria array in parameter 3 is garbled.

The same problem occurs with the functions DMIN and DMAX

This looks like a defect… or am I doing something wrong?

AppSheet has only rudimentary support for spreadsheet formulas; there are quite a few spreadsheet formulas that AppSheet does not handle. This appears to me one of them. You can report this deficiency to, but I suspect it won’t be fixed and you’ll have to work around it.

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It seems to me that arithmetic formulae are handled correctly, but function calls aren’t always. The bypass in my case is to do calculations on a separate sheet and use arrayformula(VLookup()) in the top row to bring the results back in for display.

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