New Bug Encountered:Inline View not referencing correct slice data

REPOST: I have a Quote Header with Related Quote Details (Ref quote_id) that contains the products & quantities being quoted (parent/child). The system creates the view as expected directly on the Quote Detail. I’d like to not display as much data as the table contains so I:

  1. created a slice (quote_details_admin) that contains the fields I want and then
  2. created a view (Quote_Detail_Inline_admin) based on the slice.
  3. created a virtual column for the new view and called in Related Quote Details Admin and changed the REF_ROWS to (REF_ROWS(“quote_details_admin”, “quote_id”)
  4. created a Form View based on the quote_details_admin slice

Issue: When I click a record within the inline view, the form reverts to the direct table’s view vs. the quote_details_admin slice view referenced above.

Create a new virtual column with REF_ROWS(“quote_details_admin”, “quote_id”) as the app formula at column creation. The target table for the references contained in the column is chosen according to the app formula at column creation, and cannot be changed for the lifetime of the column. This is why changing the app formula of the system-provided Related column doesn’t work as desired.

Thanks Steve, the virtual column was definitely a brand new one and not adjusted. I deleted and recreated as you mentioned but still no luck - still reverting to the direct table form.