New Bug Encountered: Inline views displaying as main view

Hi Team,

Its happening that my inline views are displayed as the configuration of the main view. For example, on this app my inline view should be Table, but are displayed as a Deck

Here the config of the main view of “Presupuestos”

If I change the view type of the main view, it changes

Could you help me with this?

Thanks in advance

The “_Inline” portion of the view name is not what determines which view will be shown as the inline view, it is simply a (potentially) helpful name.

The inline view that is shown is automatically chosen by the system. It will choose the “highest order” view, from all Ref Prominence views. I’d have to search the forums for the exact ordering the system uses to choose the views, but basically Deck and Gallery views are higher order than Table, so those will be chosen first.

In cases like this, where you have multiple Ref Prominence views of various inline-suitable types, the best way to force which view to use is to make a new Slice of the child table, add the appropriate REF_ROWS() VC for the new Slice to the parent table, hide the original REF_ROWS VC, and create your intended inline view for that slice.

Funny, I basically just answered the same question twice in a row.

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Thanks Steve, that’s the exact post I was thinking of.

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FYI… the reason was more than one Ref view created by the app owner.