New Bug Encountered: Interactive Dashboard - Map on mobile device loses interactive selection

I have created an Interactive Dashboard tabbed view, on a mobile device, and in that Dashboard are a Customers Table view with a Customers Location Map view. After selecting a Customer in the Table the expectation is that when switched to the Map view, the selected Customers location is highlighted on the map with the Customer Details shown.

This does not occur.

If a pin is first selected and the user switches to the Customers Table, the correct Customer is highlighted in the table. But then navigating back to the map causes the pin selection to be dropped.

This functionality works fine in the Browser view on a desktop/laptop.

Coincidently, if the “mobile tabs” mode is turned off, the pin does get highlighted in the map as expected but no details are shown (Deck view at bottom of map)

This video helps demonstrate the issue observed:

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@WillowMobileSystems Thanks for this info.