New Bug Encountered: iPad IOS

Can’t send app to new iPad iOS. Only runs on browser.

@Manuel_Melo May I ask what do you mean by this “Can’t send app”?

Invitation sent to iPad is received but app installation is not possible, only possible to work with browser.

What happens when the user tries to install the app? Any error or warning message?

On the email body after pressing the yellow Install “app name” rectangle, the next view shows the icon and app name and right below the following “Run the app in your browser”.
This in happening with the new iPad iOS, with iPhone most recent iOS the procedure runs well as before.

@Gil Any thoughts?

Hi @Manuel_Melo,
Thanks for reporting this issue.
As a temporary solution you can go to Settings -> Safari -> Request Desktop Website -> turn “All Websites” off (this option is on by default in the new iPadOS).
We’re working on a more permanent solution, and I’ll let you know once it’s ready.

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Hi Gil
Thank you. It’s now working!

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