New Bug Encountered:issue with email report : not sent anymore

Hi all

I am currently in the process of building an email report : it has been working for a while, and suddenly not working anymore.
When it stopped working, I was building the email body (I am pretty sure I did not change any of other settings).

Here are the settings :

Table Name : Employes
Create report : For each row in table
Bypass Security filters : OFF
Condition :
OR( IN([Barcode Employe],ListingMvtsJour[UtilisateurResponsableActuel]),
IN([Barcode Employe],ListingMvtsJour[UtilisateurResponsableInitial]))

and in the “DO THIS” section :
To : [Mail]

This column [Mail] is part of the table “Employe”, and is a column containing exclusively email adresses or blank cells.
“ListingMvtsJour”’ is a slice, and the “View Data” displays only one row, which is what I expect at the moment.

The Workflow report says the email was sent (green binocular), to one user : which is what I expect, one email should be sent to me.
Here is the report :

Many thanks for your help !


Have you checked that your email box is not full or is it possible that your inbox is rejecting

Hi @Aleksi

Thanks for your answer.

  1. The email Box should not be full, I only have 350 mails in the inbox (this is a new mailbox)
  2. About rejecting, :
  • I have been looking at the spam : nothing
  • Mail settings : nothing seems to be blocked

I am currently trying a very simple setting for sending email :
Table name : EMployes
create report : for entire table

condition : nothing
to : (my address)
email body : “TEST” (without quote)

The log displays successfull operation, but nothing comes into my mailbox

How big is your table? How many rows?

“Employes” has 7 columns and 43 rows.
But the sheets goes till 1000 rows

Is your app deployed?


What happens if you press “Test” or have you tested in this way already?

I read about this “Test” button, but I don’t see it.
Can you tell me where to find it?

I just understood wich “test” you are talking about.
I’m running as much as I can


I tested on Condition and on email address :
Everything seems to be OK ?

Sorry… I mean “Run”, not “Test”.

OK. So yes, this is the way I try every time since I work on it.
And when I assume I’m supposed to get an email, I don’t get anything.

What is your account ID number and app name if I check your app?

And the email address is typed correctly?

Yes I’m sure about my email address. I checked more than twice in case, it should be OK :slight_smile:

OK, here are informations :
app name : Outillages_v1b-1009434
account ID number : 1021166


Please test this… add into TO field and then run it again so we can be sure that the reason is somehow not your email address.

I just entered your address, saved app, and ran the report.
Did you received anything ?

No, I didn’t receive.