New Bug Encountered: Line breaks are again not being honored in display of LongText fields

When displaying LongText entered (or constructed) data, the line breaks are not being retained. Viewing the LongText data in the sheet and view the field in a Form confirms the line breaks are indeed there.

Card view displaying some LongText data - no line breaks

Reviewing the entered data in the Form

Inspecting the Google Sheet

Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 6.36.09 PM



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Clarification: Inside a CARD view only; detail views are working for me.

(I don’t think line breaks were ever honored inside the card view, where they?)

PS: nice radial dial chart
image <—that’s classy


Maybe not but shouldn’t they be? It’s a column thing not a view thing. The card view has that blob at the bottom that is simply a placeholder to assign columns. It should support whatever the column is designed to support. So if it is a multi-line placeholder that supports LongText and LongText supports line breaks then by transitive property the card view should also support line breaks.

Thanks! But I can’t take credit. It came from a Tips post!! :slight_smile:

EDITED: Found the tip post…