New Bug Encountered:List shows but data doesn't seem to exist...?

I have an order processing app which has a problem with a list field. The problem comes when staff are picking items for shipping. They select the relevant picks by using an enumlist to pick which dates the order was prepared on. This enumlist forms the basis for a lookup in a list field, which then lists the products shipped to the customer for printing on a delivery note.

Over the last week, when the shipment shows orders which were prepared over two or more days, the list of items shows up on the app, but is not recorded on the spreadsheet, and so the items do not show on the delivery note. has something changed in the past week?


If you view the data source, does it display the file you expect?

Hi Steve,

The data is in a virtual column with the formula:

SELECT(Picks[Pick ID], AND( IN([Order ID],list([_THISROW].[Order ID])),IN([Pick Date],[_THISROW].[Pick Date])))

It shows in my app like this:

and calculations run off it have stopped working (return zero value)

What does this mean?

Apologies, I think the “not recorded on the spreadsheet” comment is misleading / inaccurate.

The table in my last post shows the data I’m expecting, but it does not seem to be visible to the app, and is not triggering actions or sums anymore.

The formula:
“SELECT(Picks[Pick ID], AND( IN([Order ID],list([_THISROW].[Order ID])),IN([Pick Date],[_THISROW].[Pick Date])))”
uses the field [pick date], which is an EnumList field. This issue only seems to occur when there is more than one [pick date] selected for the lookup.

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Point of clarification, its seems the Related Picks column is a Virtual Column that shows a list of Picks populated by the SELECT() statement where the Picks have the same Order ID and the Pick Date is one of those selected in the Pick Date list.

I am not totally clear on your data structure but If I have that right then I believe you can simplify your SELECT() as follows:

SELECT( Picks[Pick ID],
        AND([Order ID] = [_THISROW].[Order ID],
            IN([Pick Date],[_THISROW].[Pick Date])

The IN(…,LIST()) for Order ID is a bit odd. The above is a more efficient equivalent. I don’t think this will clear up your issue but try it first.

The next step, as @Steve suggested is to look at the Picks sheet or table and verify the records you expect to be there are in fact there.

If so, then next would be to focus on the Date pick list and make sure it is properly reflecting the selected Dates. Remember that it needs to be able to match to the Dates reflected in [Pick Date] on your Picks records.

Thanks John,

I have updated the formula, and it has not changed anything.

The formulas both have the same effect. When a record is first updated, the app recognises the list. The list counter is correct, and related calculations work:

When the app syncs, it fails to recognise the list values, the list counter stops working, and the related calculations return zero value.


it’s as if appsheet has lost the ability to see the list?

Thanks for the clarification! My initial response was based on my understanding that the app was displaying different data than was stored in your spreadsheet. It’s a problem that can occur, so I was pursuing that. Now it’s clear that isn’t the problem. :slight_smile:

That the table view displays “View (0)” and also displays one or more rows is a bug in AppSheet.

I agree with @WillowMobileSystems’ suggestion that you restructure your SELECT() expression.

In this part of your expression:

IN([Pick Date],[_THISROW].[Pick Date])

Are both [Pick Date] and [_THISROW].[Pick Date] of type EnumList? If so, IN() will not provide accurate results.


To piggy back off of @Steve, is the [_THISROW].[Pick Date] an actual column that stores the list of picked dates or is it a Virtual Column?