New Bug Encountered: Localize expression not working

Since today, my expressions in Localize are not working anymore. Text is working.

The EXPRESSION ASSISTANT gives the right result.

@Aleksi Can you please forward this to the right person?

Let me check this formula first…

@Fabian Yes that’s true, it doesn’t work. Let me discuss about this with our developers.

@Aleksi Seems to be fixed. Thank you.

We haven’t changed anything. May I ask what formula did you use?

LOOKUP("New" , Localize , Englisch , Deutsch)

ANY(SELECT(Localize[Translation] , [Element] = "Cancel"))
In this App you set the language in the User Settings.

When I open the App, everything is in English. When I then Sync it, it changes to German.

I see that it happens only in the Emulator.

Yes that’s true. That will happen only with the emulator.