New Bug Encountered: Location Services on iOS

We have an app that captures GPS location. We have ensured that location services are on for the app on our iOS devices but every time we open that app and click on the GPS button it gives us "Unable to get current locations. Please enable services on your device and then restart the app. We have done this many times and the same message every time. We do use a main app launcher app to get to these other apps but don’t know if that has any reason to cause issues. I am on the latest iOS version. This works fine on andriod but its all iOS.

Chiming in @morgan and @Peter. Can you have a check?

Hi @Johnny_Hacking,
Can you please make sure that:

  1. The device is able to show you current location in other maps apps (Google maps, Maps, etc).
  2. AppSheet has permissions to use your location by going to your phone’s settings -> AppSheet -> Location, and make sure “While Using the App” is marked.
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Gil so I did some testing and this is what I found.

My location services is on:

And when I laugh the app from the native appsheet opener on my iPhone it works fine and captures the GPS location. It actually prompts me to allow my location.

But when I launch the app from my created shortcut to give the app some branding.


It doesn’t prompt to allow from my location and gives me this error on the GPS.


@Johnny_Hacking that’s strange.
Is BHI Relay a shortcut or a white labeled app?


If a shortcut to a URL that is handled by the browser, you need to give the browser GPS access.

@Johnny_Hacking I’m not really sure how this is possible. Could you please try reinstalling the app?