New Bug Encountered: Map is not displayed in dashboard view

(Nikolai Khalipov) #1

Hello Appsheet Community!
Map field in dashboard view suddenly disappeared :frowning:
Yesterday it worked correctly - the right field shows the list of deliveries and the left one is map of deliveries.
Clicking on map field shows map view - map and pins are loaded correctly.
I’ve tried to change order and size of views in dashboard panel but map still not displayed.

Same trouble in all dashboard views
(Mark Tiffany) #2

I’ve just had the same issue. It was a new dashboard so I assumed I had something wrong

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(Bituminous Roadways) #3

I too am having this issue.


We believe this has been fixed now, if you still see the problem please try refreshing the page if in browser, or syncing and then closing and relaunching the app if on mobile. If that doesn’t help, please let us know.

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it is normal that a map is not shown when there is no internet on the device


Yes, unfortunately the map is one of the few things we can’t make work fully offline due to its reliance on Google Maps, which doesn’t provide offline functionality to third party apps. Since their own app supports offline areas, maybe this is something they will add eventually, but I think it may be unlikely.