New Bug Encountered: Map View secondary layer details does not reflect pin info

I have records for Technicians in my app who have an Address and Current Location information captured. Current Location is a LatLong column.

If I specify this Slice of information as the secondary layer in a Map and select the Current Location, the pins are correctly displayed in the Map. But when selecting one of these Technician pins, the details info displayed is the Address info not the Lat Long info. The See image.

However, if I make this same Slice the Primary layer, the Current Location details are displayed as expected. See second image.

I would expect the [ins in the secondary layer would behave the same as pins in the Primary layer.

AND, If I remove the Address column from the Slice, then the Details show no location info

Secondary layer pin by LatLong info - Details on selected pin picks up Address to display.

Primary layer pin by LatLong info - Details on selected pin shows LatLong info as expected.

Secondary Layer pin by LatLong - Address removed from Slice - Details show NO location info

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