New Bug Encountered: MAXROW() doesn't work with Field Timestamp (generated with NOW())

… if we change to _RowNumber everything works fine. Maybee it is only a problem with german settings?

You haven’t provided us any details to troubleshoot. MAXROW() works just fine with a DateTime value.

You are right … MAXROW(Date) is working fine. We checked it alone.

We used the function together with " Execute a sequence of such actions on one row" and “Execute an action on a set of other rows” and the sequence doesn’t work with MAXROW(Col Date), but with MAXROW(Col _RowNumber) it work fine. So we simple changed.
Maybee there are differences between running time that makes the problem.
We solved our problem now by changing to Col _RowNumber. You can delete or close this “new bug” post.