New Bug Encountered: Missing links in the AppSheet Editor

I know this is small but I want to report few missing links within editor for help articles, I could not found that it has been reported within this community.

Interaction: user click the link (1) within the IDE:


Expected behavior:

Links provided within the AppSheet IDE/Editor (I still don’t know its correct name, the thing on the left from the emulator) should direct users to the correct page for help.

Similar issue:

Similar issues were found in two other link locations:


To fix the link with the correct direction.

“Editor” seems to be the most common name.

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Hi @Peter, could you please to inform someone who can fixed the dead-links in the AppSheet Editor per my bug report above.
It seems still not being fixed.

ps: thanks @Marc_Dillon for aligning my understanding.

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Thanks for the heads up about this @Heru, looking into it now. (I’ve added the #bugs-issues-errors tag to this post).

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