New Bug Encountered: Mobile tabbed Dashboard - On iPad, rotate to Portrait and back, redraw of screen is incorrect

I have a Dashboard that has been configured to show views in tabs by turning on the “Use tabs in mobile view”.

On an iPad, if I rotate from landscape to portrait, the Dashboard redraws and resizes appropriately. But If I rotate back to landscape, the redraw of the screen becomes sluggish and the view attempts to COMBINE both the Browser mode view with the mobile tabbed view, resulting in a view as shown in the image below.

Note the tabs across the top. You can switch tabs but it has no affect on the view.

Also note all of the dark areas where the redraw maybe did not complete??

This behavior occurs on both an iPad and an iPad Pro. The only way I’ve found to correct it is to close out of the app and relaunch.

This behavior does NOT happen if the “Use tabs in mobile view” is switched off.