New Bug Encountered:No Done button on last page of Onbarding View

I am displaying multiple slides of instructions in my. Onboarding form. I have a question.

  1. on the last slide the NEXT button is grayed out. Is there a way to call another form when that last slide is read? What is the user supposed to do?

I got this response:

On the last page on Onboarding, the button is supposed to switch to “Done”. There should also be a little X near the top of the Onboarding view. If you don’t see them then it sounds like you somehow still have the older version of the view. I would try switching the Onboarding view to something else, then changing it back, and then do a “Save and Verify”. See if that helps at all.

But no matter what I try, deleting and re-crating the form. Deleting and Re-creating the table it is based on. Nothing works.

Please help.

WAIT! Do you have it set as a view on your menu? Try setting it as a Ref view, and then making it your starting view:

Or, another option, if you would like users to be able to come back to refer to it later. I have it attached to the side menu and it also triggers fine from there.

It was the view, it needed to be REF or MENU. I had it as a primary view for testing. Thank you.

Now, another question. Can I run an action when the DONE button is clicked?

Thanks so much.

I actually have this under Options, Starting View: IF(

I personally wouldn’t mind disallowing Onboarding on the bottom menu, but I’m sure someone could argue for it.

Unfortunately, it would appear no. For now, there is no actions that be attached to the view like we can with most other views. I believe it defaults to the left side of the bottom menu for where it should go, but I’m not 100% about that. So we’ll have to play with it a bit.

So, what you could do is leave your starting view expression mostly as is. Make whatever you want your main view afterwards your left most bottom menu view, “LAUNCHER” I would suppose. If you want current users to see the onboarding as well, replace “LAUNCHER” with the name of the Welcome view. If not, don’t change it. Otherwise, once the “new user” goes through the hoops on the form I assume they fill in, have that send the user to Welcome onboarding. Once done, hopefully it poops them out at the Launcher.

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Thanks so much for your help. It seems to load the launcher after the welcome screens are done.

So much to learn.