New Bug Encountered: Number with range sliders resetting to '?' when clicking Next or Save

I have an app with about 15 number columns, all with the following properties:

  • Required: Y
  • Initial Value: blank
  • Editable: Y
  • Reset on edit: N
  • Show: Y

This form uses ‘Page Header’ Show columns to create multiple tabs in the form.

When the user clicks Previous, Next, or Save, some of the sliders get reset to ‘?’. It’s not always the same columns, but it happens every time with this form.

Also worth noting, occasionally a column that DOES have a valid value will give a warning as if it were blank.

Similar issue found from March 2018:

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I tried removing the show columns and having all form questions on a single page, but the bug persisted.

@Aleksi, @morgan, any ideas what could be causing the sliders to reset? It seems like the UI is out of sync with the actual slider position and corresponding logic.

Confirmed bug on iPad and iPhone. Could not replicate bug in browser though, even in phone/tablet emulator.

Bug Video
Note that every slider has a value before advancing to the next page of the form, then multiple sliders loose their value when returning to that page.

@morgan, @Aleksi, @praveen, could one of you please pass this along to the devs?

@GreenFlux I’ve answered your support ticket but just for visibility I’ll answer here too. This was a bug where we don’t save the value if you scroll after a touch event since this requires both a slider and a page long enough to scroll it has been rather rare. Thanks for the report.


Thanks @nico! Could you please confirm here once the update has been deployed?

It has been deployed as of yesterday (took longer than normal to deploy), please let me know if you still experience this issue.