New Bug Encountered: OCR

Just checking if there are any issues with the OCR models. I have trained the app and the patterns are all as I want them. The images show the respective column areas correctly, however when I use the app and take an image the data is not populating correctly.
Also, is there any reason why OCR is still in BETA.
Its an amazing feature and one that generates a stack of interest when I mention it to my clients.

Beta is early release of the new features for the purpose of testing the services, finding bugs, collecting the bug reports and feedback from the end user from developers prospective.

Beta is also the service not recommended to be used in the production in anticipation for the unexpected odd behaviors.

Appsheet OCR model should stay BETA for a while, but meaning Appsheet dev team should be working hard to improve the performance to shift to production at the earliest.

Your feedback and finding should be welcomed by them.

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I concur with your sentiments. Just for my sake, how long is a reasonable time for a BETA period. It was May 2019 when it was launched, nearly 12 months ago.

Off course, like me, as end user of the service, I wish to have new features anytime soon all the time, but it depends on the developer (in this case, Appsheet).

OCR is generally tricky technology, bunch of new ventures out there who are just concentrating on OCR alone, but for Appsheet case, it is just a part of their whole service, but I believe they will make this feature super powerful and durable with usage in the practical field.

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Do you know of any other OCR apps that you could recommend?
I have clients wanting this feature.

Sorry, not an idea with that.
I just wait for Appsheet to complete the process of development to release this new feature.


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To me OCR was working. Now Iā€™m getting Error Message like this on. Not matter what I do.