New Bug Encountered:PDF VIEWER ANDROID

The pdf viewer on android is not working anymore after last app update…please do something

It would be helpful to include what problem you are experiencing.

Sorry, you’re right!!!:joy::joy:
White screen on opening pdf…only with Android devices…with Apple everything ok

Hi @fralo86,
Thanks for reporting this, should be fixed by the end of day (PST)

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Do I need to install again the app or just it is going right by itself?

No need to reinstall, closing and reopening the app should be enough.

You can close this thread!!! Fixed…thank you so much


One of my clients is reporting this same problem within the last week or so. He is unable to view PDFs on Samsung note 10.

Can you please look into whether there is an issue? I can provide more details about the device if needed.



Any new update about this?

I am having the same problem with my Pixel 2 XL.
I click on the file link, a new page is open with the message
"Downloading PDF
Once the PDF downloads, you will be prompted to choose an app to open it with.
and from there it gets back to the app with no files downloaded

on the chrome is working fine.


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Did you check your device’s downloads folder or app?

Hi Steve, Thanks for replying. No file was created on my phone.


I’m facing the same trouble in multiple Android devices. It’s only working on PC

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This sounds like a bug. Please contact for help with this.

Hello, Angela. Did you get any feedback from the support team?

@Angela_Navarro @Matheus_Rodrigues_de Are all PDFs failing to download or just some of them?
Which OS version are you using?

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Gil, all of them are failing. I’m using android 11 on a galaxy note 10. The other device is a galaxy tab s6 lite also running an android 11.

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Hi Matheus, just opened the ticket today… as soon as they get back to me I will post the solution here :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info all,
It seems like this issue is related to Drive pdf viewer. We’re currently working on a fix on our side and I post here when the issue is resolved.
Until then I would recommend using a different PDF viewer as a temporary workaround. I verified that the issue doesn’t reproduce on Adobe Acrobat.


Hi all,
We’ve just released an update (v14.8) to the Android app, which includes a fix to the PDF issue. Once you get the update from the play store you should be able to open PDFs with Drive PDF viewer.

Please let me know if you’re running into any issues.