New Bug Encountered (Possibly): UX Description issues not consistently pulling comments from column headers


Column Description: The description, if provided, is shown to the user instead of the field name in forms. It is automatically populated from comments on the column header cells in the spreadsheet.

I have updated the comments, but only some of the column header fields are changing in the app view after regenerating the structure. Any tips or advice?

Are you using a google forms and updating the comments from the column header fields of google sheet?

are you referring to a a form view type?

I am using google sheets, with comments on the column header fields of google sheet.

For app view, I just meant the view that you see on the app as well as on the right side when making changes on the backend. In some sense, I guess this is irrelevant.

The key thing is my comments on the column header are not updating all the descriptions.

Previously, the description would autofill, but now it is not.

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For a test, I populate some new descriptions:

and after regenerate, those were shown in the editor. I am afraid that I am not able to reproduce this specific issue.

These description also is those that are shown in a Form view (not other type of view), to provide a longer wording as we may wish to clarify the column content. We can always add description inside the editor.

As an additional note, I would suggest to remove the comments on the column header as it could potentially create some confusion later.

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This could reflect some changes AppSheet is making to the app editor. It’s possible @Heru hasn’t gotten the changes yet.

I encourage you to contact about this issue.

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