New Bug Encountered (Possibly)

Hi, I’ve been encountering some issues with my table UX view not showing after changing my key from _rownumber to a custom virtual column with UNIQUEID(). This is what its supposed to look like, however when changing my key from rownumber to a uniqueid this is what it ends up doing (essentially, deleting any table view I try to show). It doesnt matter if the table view comes from a slice with all columns active, or the raw data, as soon as my key is set to a Unique ID it wipes away my table views.

If this can’t be fixed, then maybe could you please suggest how I can use a REF column type while still being able to set my rownumber as the key? The error I get (can’t attach an image because I’ve reached my limit) is that the table can’t be referenced because it uses RowNumber which ‘isn’t a stable key’. Any help in this issue would be greatly appreciated, and thanks to all the Appsheet coders for this wonderful App, I truly am in love with it in spite of the issues and challenges of getting it all set up :slight_smile:

You can’t use UNIQUEID() with the virtual column. It would generate a new key value every time you sync. It needs to be normal column if you want to use UNIQUEID() as an initial value when new record is created. Choose proper key column first and then check what happens.

My post was a bit wrong it turns out I was already using a normal column. I also formatted the column in Google Sheets to plaintext (Format->Number->Plain Text in Google Sheets). No solution though… :confused:

It actually hasn’t wiped your view, it’s just not showing anything. Try to add new data with the “Plus” button and see what happens then.

I think its got something to do with the layout of the columns as I tested adding data fresh and adding via duplicating the spreadsheet and both caused an issue when I copy and pasted ‘all the columns’, but then it worked when I just pasted ‘some’ of the columns. I’ll have to to some more testing to see exactly where the issue is coming from.

Thanks for the helpful suggestion.

Check also your spreadsheet that you don’t have lot of empty rows and then in the end records again.

Ok, so I think I understand now, its not a bug. It just looks for entries in the key column that are not blank by default, so the reason my rows were not showing up was because the rows didn’t have keys in them (I was testing on pre-existing data linked to when the key was set to row name.

So obvious! Wonderful though. Can you please move my post to the general questions section since its not a bug?

Glad you were able to find the reason!