New Bug Encountered: Problem with Auto path for image file

Dear All,
I need a help or maybe a solution.
I introduce appsheet to my company, the purpose is gathering image as evidence. after we gathering all image, then we need to embed on microsoft excel. (requirement file is excel format) So we ask some people to help create macro to help embed the image to excel.

Before it was running good. but then we found problem.
Problem seems because the name on the image file is contains “%2Fstorage%2Femulated…”
example :

Data_Images/INST0077374.REDAMAN OPM FAT.062222**.36_%2Fstorage%2Femulated%2F0%2FDCIM%2FCamera%2FTimePhoto_20191203_123533**.jpg

I have no idea is this normal or not, is it happened only on us or maybe another user also faced this.
i also didn’t know this is happened because of appsheet, or google drive.
from what we found is.

  1. At beginning all was normal.
  2. then on a few day, some user starter create path like that.
  3. When i ask them to input using my mobile phone, it’s normal again.
  4. Seems it happened to a user that mostly upload picture.

And the other problem is Sometimes, image that already stored on my google drive. and path on google sheet, can suddenly gone.

Really appreciate if anyone can help us.