New Bug Encountered: Reaction speed totally different between Mobile mode and Tablet mode

My app only have a main dashboard view. And two table views in it, the data of two table views come from two slices of a same google spreadsheet. It’s a very simple app.

Everything is OK until few days ago. Now:

In Mobile mode, if I click a item in one table view, it will take about 15 seconds until the detail view appear.

But in Tablet mode, it will be less than 1 second.

It doesn’t happened before, so I think maybe it’s a bug.

I see exactly same odd behavior while interacting with some apps, but currently I m not able to reproduce it, which give me an indication the potential bug was fixed.

Are you still seeing the same problem with your apps?

I reckon this could be sharing the same root cause with issue @Daisy_Ramirez reported earlier. Was the bug fixed? What the current status? We see No bug fix for the recent status update.


Thank you for your answer. It’s no problem now. I don’t know what happened.

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I reckon the issue (bug) should have been fixed quickly after you posted here originally.

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