New Bug Encountered: Receiving unexpected error in log preventing data update. Please debug

  1. Your account id = 526414
  2. The app name = ServiceInsightBase-526414
  3. The workflow rule name = “Adjust Quantity On Hand”
  4. The exact steps to reproduce the problem.
    1. Navigate to “Orders” view
    2. On any row with status of “Working”, click the yellow checkbox button.
    3. Navigate to the “Acknowledge” tab.
    4. In the first field “I hereby acknowledge…” select the “Yes” button.
    5. Click “Next”
    6. Click “Save”

This will trigger the workflow where the error occurs.

  1. Your permission - Yes, you have my permission to test my app and make any necessary changes for debugging and/or correcting the problem.

Please contact me should you need any additional information.


I am investigating now.

Ok, I am staying out of the app. Let me know if you need anything.

It is a bug.

Table “WorkOrders” contains two address fields.
As a result, when we retrieve the record from “WorkOrders” we look up the LatLong of those two address fields and store their LatLong values in two augmented fields at the end of the record. The sanity check is comparing the number of fields in the record (including the two augmented LatLong fields) and reporting that it did not find those two fields in the schema. The sanity check is not accounting for the two augmented field; therefore, it is reporting an error when there is none.

I am investigating how to fix the problem without entirely eliminating the sanity check.
I am not sure how long that will take but at least the problem is clear.

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It must be addresses based on the references? I have Customer and Technician references which both have address information. Technicians are just a special type of Employee.

I’m really surprised this is the first time its been encountered!! Is it because there are two addresses or would a single address have caused the same problem?

Are there any benign changes I can make to either have those fields in the schema or prevent adding the augmented columns. For example, if I added a LatLong column would this balance the sanity check? Thought is they are being added because I don’t have them already.

Anyway, I did discover a workaround by wrapping the DataChange Action in a dummy “execute an action on a set of rows” Action. I can use that until a fix is made…and hopefully I remember to come back and update!!

Thanks for investigating!!

The “WorkOrders” table contains the address fields “Customer Address” and “Job Site Address”.
Whenever you have address columns we retrieve the LatLong for each address and stored those values in the data row in memory at the end of the data row. They are not written to the table. They are only used internally.

I am coding the change now. If testing goes well, the change should be released on Friday afternoon Seattle time.

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Ah yes! They are Virtual Columns pulled from the references just so they can be seen on the Work Order.

I checked in the change. I tested it using your app and your actions now work.

I updated two records in your “WorkOrders” table while debugging and testing. I think they are “B - Customer 2” and “C - Customer 2”.

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Thank you for your attention and quick turn around this bug!! It is very much appreciated!

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