New Bug Encountered: Ref Row on Form

I have a ref row visible on form.
once I add the REF row to form it is clickable if there is a reference.
shows that it’s working before I save.

once I save on browser…still works for about 10 seconds…when I go back and enter
the same ref…the reference is nolonger there.

how is it visible when I add the Column, but then it does not work???

The behavior you describe could be caused by several things. In your case, I’d guess your column is of type EnumList and you have a Valid If expression that invalidates entries that are already in use by other rows.

Please post a screenshot of the complete Valid If expression for the REF column.

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my REF does not have a VALID IF
my STOCK # VIN valid if is this


Please contact for help with this. I think someone’s going to have to dive into your app configuration to troubleshoot.

thank you

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